The Twisted Volcano: Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve

Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve is located in the Berkley Hills in the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay. It’s a large expanse, with a multitude of backpacking and hiking trails crisscrossing 928 acres. Did I mention that the park is dog-friendly? The trails wind through oak forests, across ridgelines, and past interesting rock formations.

Are you an enlightened bean? An inside look at Buddha’s Cup coffee tour and tasting.

While visiting the Big Island of Hawai’i, I had the opportunity to visit Buddha’s Cup. As a coffee lover, I couldn’t say no! I was able to explore their five coffee farms on a tour and taste all five difference brands. Definitely a highlight of the trip!

4 Best Coffee Shops in Monterey

I am all about the coffee house experience. Some of my best memories are at coffee houses with my friends or engrossed in a good book. Both of my thesis papers were largely written and researched in coffee houses. There is not much that beats an afternoon spent at an independent coffee shop. The only thing better than a coffee shop is a coffee shop on the coast.

Five of the Best Hidden Gems Around LA

Ah, yes. Southern California. Home of Hollywood, Disney, and Long Beach. Many people long for Southern California’s warm weather, palm trees, and sunny skies! As you make your travel itinerary (or dream itinerary in this Covid environment), don’t plan to spend your entire trip at Disneyland. After living in the area, I found the best local haunts. You will NOT want to miss these secret treasures!